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Since 2006, Magicdust has created more than 6,000 websites for small businesses in Brisbane and throughout Australia. We are proud to offer high-quality, affordable web design and web development focused on small business need. Our website designers understand how challenging it is for small business to get the most out of the internet for promoting their businesses, and we are here to help. This understanding has made us one of the leading web design and development companies in Brisbane.

Creating a website for your Brisbane business

Your website needs to stand out from the crowd. Magicdust designs websites that help your business grow. We constantly look at current online marketing trends and combine them with great web design. Our Brisbane web designers will get to know your business and your customers, learn about your competitors, and understand what you want to achieve. Armed with this knowledge, they will create website design that works for you.

Your website process

You’re busy, so we’ll keep the web design process simple. Our team of account managers, designers, developers, marketers and strategists located in Brisbane are experienced professionals who can make your vision a reality. First, we will create an online strategy based on your goals. Whatever your vision for the website is, we will set you on the right path. We’ll look at your brand, then move on to the website development. Finally, we provide ongoing marketing support.

We use the WordPress content management system (CMS) for our web design projects. It is the ideal platform for displaying content, blogs and newsletters, menus, prices, subscription memberships, and more. If you need an ecommerce site, we can build you a robust, full-function online storefront designed specifically for managing and selling online. Using WordPress give yous a simple way to manage the content that will go on your site. WordPress is search engine friendly, intuitive and easy to use—allowing you to update it as needed.

Make your Brisbane-based business stand out with a new website from Australia’s leading web design company.

Our unlimited guarantee

  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited email accounts and forwarders

Why Choose Magicdust for your Brisbane Web Design Project?

  • Great reputation. We’ve helped over 1000 Brisbane small businesses get online.
  • Quality web design. Unlimited design revisions. We design until you are happy.
  • Content management system. You’re always in full control of your website.
  • Affordable. We specialise in keeping costs down while providing quality websites.
  • Great support. Our friendly and experienced web design team are located in Australia.


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9 Things You Need to Do to Create a Successful Website

Much like introducing yourself to a customer or investor for the first time, your website is essential to growing your business. When your website is outstanding, your business will grow with both new customers and old ones who become brand evangelists. An effective and successful website will save you money and time on ineffective marketing tactics. There are nine things you need to do to make your website as successful as possible.

Choose a Stable CMS Platform

It all starts with the platform you build your website out. Not the most exciting place to start, but which CMS you choose will have a huge impact on how easily you will be able to update content and interact with site visitors. Especially with ecommerce sites, your structure and critical features will save you time when posting content, optimizing for search engines, or fixing errors.

CMS stands for Content Management System and it allows you to update your website easily and effectively. You need your CMS to be able to:

  • Load quickly
  • Be SEO-ready
  • Allow for simple content editing from any device

If there is a large community of users and developers that back the CMS platform, such as WordPress, you know the system will perform well with these specifications. Additionally, you want the platform to be actively supported by developers to ensure it is frequently updated.

Design the Site around the User’s Expectations

You want your visitor to stay on the site and find everything they need. So why not build it around their objectives and point of view? When your website is custom built for what users want to see, you will automatically encourage interaction and improve your conversions.

To figure out how to design your website in a way visitors want to see, ask yourself, “Why are they coming to my website in the first place?” You need to decide which questions they want to find answers to on your website. By looking at your site from their perspective, you can create an experience that will deliver the solutions they are looking for and exceed their expectations.

Provide what your site visitors need before they even know they need it and your brand will solidify itself. Make sure the navigation is easy to follow and every page is transparent in answering questions about your business. Make contact information, product or service specifications, and prices clear.

Entrance with Your Visual Design

You want your website design to be appealing and visually interesting, so visitors are inclined to stay on the site longer. The more beautiful and easy-to-use your site is, the more likely people will return and share the link with others. The design of the website has an impact on the emotional response to your business. When your design is highly visual and interesting, it established the quality of your business instantly.

The design will also help people stay on the site longer which improves conversion rates. Studies show that website visitors spend an average of seven seconds or less at 90% of the websites they visit. You have literally seconds to convince people to stay on your site and the design helps with that. You also want the immediate messaging to go in line with the visual design by conveying:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • Why you are the best choice

You want this information to be condensed, engaging, and front and center on your homepage. Spend time honing your core marketing message and the visual design to match that. You need to ensure your logo design, tagline, and first two sentences of your website copy are clear. This will give your brand credibility and impact your audience by subtly outlining your specialty. Basically – be concise and compelling.

Tell Site Visitors What to Do

It may sound mean, but you need to tell your site visitors what to do. Websites that do not have clear calls to actions suffer in their conversions. A call to action is designed to engage your visitors and guide them right into the conversion seat. Your call to action will supply visitors with the specific information they need before committing to a purchase or inquiry. They help lead your visitors the way you want them to experience the website while giving them the information they want to see. Examples of common calls to action include:

A phone number or email address in the top right corner of every webpage

  • Contact information in the footer of every page
  • Quick links to valuable content in the footer of every page
  • “Buy Now” buttons
  • Subtle actions, guiding and encouraging visitors to the next step

Create Brand Evangelists with Your “About Us” Page

There are two things you need to do to your About Us page that not many businesses know:

  • Don’t make it boring
  • Don’t make it about yourself

Not make an About Us page about the business? That doesn’t make sense! But it does – you want to make your About Us page empathetic and about the customer. The whole reason your business exists is for the customer, so your page should reflect that. The About Us page still needs to tell the story of your business and the personalities behind it because customers want to know who they are buying from. But you also need to tell customers how your team is going to make their lives better. Carry this theme of how the visitors will be benefitted throughout your entire website.

Build a Website Marketing Strategy

Just being on the internet isn’t enough to create conversions. You also need to plan your marketing strategy to create quality content, broadcast it, attract traffic, and convert visitors. There are so many marketing options available to you and you need to experiment with all the different channels until you find the ones they are right for your brand. But there is a marketing strategy every business must implement – create quality content.

Every piece of content you create, from your website copy to your email newsletter should be useful, informative, and engaging. The content should be valuable and easy-to-read in portions that keep your audience’s attention. When you strive for high quality content, you will be able to:

  • Tell your story
  • Attract your target market
  • Explain the problems you solve and how you solve
  • Showcase the effort you put into sharing your message in an intelligent and appealing way
  • Demonstrate authority and integrity so visitors are more likely to purchase from your business

Measure Conversions

Measurement is the key to see if your website is successful or not. Tracking conversions are often neglected but very easy to implement into your website process. When you track conversions, you learn:

  • How many inquiries and sales you receive through your website
  • Where the website visitors are coming from
  • What is the cost to acquire website visitors

These measures allow you to evaluate your marketing spend and the success of any improvements or modifications in your website design or online marketing plan.

Make Sure Your Site Works on Mobile

Everyone loves their mobile devices and studies currently say 25% of people on the internet at any given moment are using a smartphone or tablet. Nowadays tablet users convert at higher rates than desktop users as well. Not only does your website need to be easy to view on a mobile device, but actually optimized for the various mobile platforms.

To do this, you need a designer to implement a responsive design no matter which device a visitor is using. The content your website delivers needs to be done effectively on all platforms. Custom mobile design is necessary for more complex websites, but even the most basic websites need to have a mobile version, not the standard desktop. Desktop versions of websites on mobile make it difficult to navigate through website menus, click links, and find the content users want to see.

Consider Hiring a Web Design Company

Creating your own website that meets all these requirements is difficult for even basic website designers. If you want to see a successful and high quality website, you might need to consider hiring a professional web design company. Hiring professionals will save you a lot of time and stress in the short-term and money in the long-term.

Before you hire a website designer, you need to make sure they understand these essential elements and how they have incorporated them with past websites. Web designers and companies should be well established with a comprehensive portfolio of working with businesses similar to your own. When you choose a web designer, you have a better chance of your website being successful.