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Your website is a very important part of how you communicate your business to clients. Due to the continuing issue of outdated
software on your website you are strongly recommended to upgrade to our new website platform. We have put together the best offer
we can, including a very low upfront cost and a discount of over 20%.


What You Get  Vs  What You’ve Got



Before & After Case Study: Gabrielle Tozer

Problems Faced

Gabby has been a Magicdust client for over 6 years. She is an author and also runs a successful freelance writing and editing business. She wanted a fresh look and feel for her readers and clients.

She initially considered just tweaking her old design, but realised the website was too out-dated. She was concerned with the limitations of the website and decided she needed a full upgrade. Her website not showing up well on mobile devices was also a key issue for her as she was potentially losing business.



Magicdust provided a complete custom redesign to provide Gabby’s business the fresh modern feel she was looking for. The website was also designed to be mobile responsive. This means that it looks good on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

The streamlined and sleek design is working well – The designer stripped away a lot of the clutter creating a streamlined and sleek design which is now extremely easy to navigate, while still looking fresh and beautiful.

People have described her new website as gorgeous, stylish, sleek, professional, clean, feminine, modern, and easy to navigate which is exactly what Gabby was looking for in her brief.


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